Dainty purple…


TheCuriousCamera took a break but is back now – just like Spring! I love when Spring finally arrives and the world suddenly becomes brighter and more colourful.

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Blue Dreaming…


I love the different blue tones in this photo as they have such a soothing effect. I am transported back in time, blue dreaming of the cool shade and the sound of gently lapping water as the gondolas float by on Venice’s busy waters.

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Looking up…


The proud horse in the photo is part of the equestrian statue depicting Charles I in Trafalgar Square, London. I love the contrast between the horse’s smooth, solid bronze and the faded white clouds in the bright blue sky. Tourists and locals alike spend a lot of time looking up at statues, admiring and photographing them, so I wanted to find an unusual angle. The horse is accentuated so that the viewer does not know immediately at what they are looking and must imagine the rest of the scene.

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Multicoloured love…


This photo has many layers. Your eye is immediately drawn to the striking mural of the kissing couple; the vibrant colours explode out of the wall towards you but the bright stripes also draw you in to this intimate scene. The painting beneath is equally impressive but in a more subtle manner. While one is designed to be viewed from afar or high up, the other invites you to stand and immerse yourself in a vision of old New York City. Once your eye moves past the paintings, however, it notices a bright green letter in the background behind the mural of the couple. Is this art too? Or merely graffiti? I also love the sneaking plant tendrils on the right of the photo, that creep into the frame from a plant off the High Line. What else do you see?

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I saw this cracked, old door in Trastevere in Rome, Italy. The winding, narrow streets of this characterful neighbourhood are full of wonderful details, such as this mail-opening on someone’s front door. I can imagine how beautiful this door looked when it was freshly painted with the stark white letters flush against the shining, welcoming green. Yet now I imagine its history; I think of the weather it has endured, the people it has seen in the street and all the “lettere” that have arrived in its mouth.

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Hiding holes…

pink camera import 719

It’s only when you look closely at logs or the bark on trees that you begin to see their multitude of layers within which their secrets lie. I love the way the light falls on the hiding holes in this picture. The wispy cobwebs zigzag between the edges of the ligneous warped maze and I wonder what else is beneath the spidery ladder.

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An abundance of fruit…


Along the Via dei Fori Imperiali in Rome, Italy, stand a couple of different stalls. Many of these moveable mini-stores sell tourist paraphernalia and front a reasonably generic identity. As I walked down this busy road, however, the bright colours of this one stall attracted my attention. Dozens of admirers had gathered in front of this vivid, vibrant stall which sold an abundance of fruit. It wasn’t until upon close inspection that I realized there was actually plastic fruit (can you spot it?) interspersed among the natural products! Despite the imposters, the stall heaved with fresh and ripe fruits and was truly a beautiful sight to behold.

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