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Dainty purple…

TheCuriousCamera took a break but is back now – just like Spring! I love when Spring finally arrives and the world suddenly becomes brighter and more colourful. Copyright: TheCuriousCamera   Advertisements

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Multicoloured love…

This photo has many layers. Your eye is immediately drawn to the striking mural of the kissing couple; the vibrant colours explode out of the wall towards you but the bright stripes also draw you in to this intimate scene. … Continue reading

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An abundance of fruit…

Along the Via dei Fori Imperiali in Rome, Italy, stand a couple of different stalls. Many of these moveable mini-stores sell tourist paraphernalia and front a reasonably generic identity. As I walked down this busy road, however, the bright colours … Continue reading

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Sunset tree…

I love the sun’s glow in this image; it is fiery and bright and steals your gaze from the tree. However, the tree also captures your attention as each branch defines itself against the peachy golden skies. This photo is quite intriguing for another reason. … Continue reading

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Colourful detail…

When I visited Chinatown earlier this year for Chinese New Year, I was struck by the brightness of the merchandise that spilled out from the crowded shop interiors onto the grey pavements. Whether it was the exotic green and yellow fruits or the red paper … Continue reading

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xīn nián kuài lè …新年快乐

I love when it’s Chinese New Year and Chinatown gets even more colourful and vibrant than normal. Red is very important in Chinese culture because it symbolises, amongst other elements, happiness and good luck. When I visited London’s Chinatown this … Continue reading

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