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It seems to be the time of year when everyone is a little more stressed and gloomy than usual, the weather decides to be a little more ferocious, those colds and that flu seem to spring up out of nowhere, and both Spring and Summer … Continue reading

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I took this from the Hungerford walking bridge in London when I was walking over to Southbank. The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben looked so dramatic underneath the clouded sun and the seagulls were swooping around the buildings and … Continue reading

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Discarded leaves…

I find that we never tend to notice the details underneath us. We hurry and rush from one place to another, often staring directly ahead of us or directly down at the floor, but do we always see what’s really … Continue reading

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Keep a watchful eye…

When I visited Zambia, Africa on an expedition, I ate all my breakfasts outside with my fellow expedition members. One morning, as we all sat in a circle eating, we noticed a praying mantis in one of our food containers. … Continue reading

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xīn nián kuài lè …新年快乐

I love when it’s Chinese New Year and Chinatown gets even more colourful and vibrant than normal. Red is very important in Chinese culture because it symbolises, amongst other elements, happiness and good luck. When I visited London’s Chinatown this … Continue reading

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Hang on in there…

When I first looked at this image, I was surprised at how clear the near imperceptible string appeared. I had originally noticed the leaf because it seemed to be floating in the air. As I approached it however, I saw … Continue reading

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Let’s colour a scene…

I love taking photos of city scenes where there is an abundance of activity and a collection of colours. This is one of my all-time favourite images because of the variety and vividness of the colours. They remind me of … Continue reading

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