Multicoloured love…


This photo has many layers. Your eye is immediately drawn to the striking mural of the kissing couple; the vibrant colours explode out of the wall towards you but the bright stripes also draw you in to this intimate scene. The painting beneath is equally impressive but in a more subtle manner. While one is designed to be viewed from afar or high up, the other invites you to stand and immerse yourself in a vision of old New York City. Once your eye moves past the paintings, however, it notices a bright green letter in the background behind the mural of the couple. Is this art too? Or merely graffiti? I also love the sneaking plant tendrils on the right of the photo, that creep into the frame from a plant off the High Line. What else do you see?

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1 Response to Multicoloured love…

  1. Hi Zoe! This is a very nice ‘untouched’ image. If you are interested in my version of this awesome piece of street art, check out this link:
    Have a great day! The Canary

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