I am a photographer. I take photos because I am fascinated by the world around me. I love the way photography inspires both spontaneity and longevity. Some of what I deem to be my best images have been captured in a couple of seconds. Others have required hours worth of painful positions as I kneel, crouch or stand to catch the elusive shot.

My photos are untouched and unedited, unless otherwise stated. Some may be deemed ‘imperfect’ but I see these imperfections as the work of a curious photographer, seeing the world through a curious eye and a curious camera.

[Header photo is my own entitled ‘Spring seeds’.]

All material published on TheCuriousCamera, unless credited otherwise, is my own original work. Please take time to read the copyright notice which applies to all material posted on TheCuriousCamera by Zoe Baker-Peng.


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