Vintage cameras…


As you walk down Portobello Road in London, you cannot help but get distracted by the plethora of intriguing stalls. This stall, with so many beautiful old cameras, caught my attention with its design of order amidst the bustling market street.

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Holy water…


The weather is beautiful again today and as I sit in the sun, all I can think about is how refreshing water is during these sunny days. I took this photo in Piazza San Pietro (St. Peter’s Square) in the Vatican City, Italy. The day on which I captured this fountain was much hotter than today and the slight breeze that blew the droplets across the square and onto the sun-kissed pedestrians was a welcome feeling.

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Full moon…


The other night I saw one of the most beautiful full moons I have ever seen. As the evening ticked into night, the orange-hued moon glowed low in the sky. I couldn’t believe how big and how bright it was; this radiant orb truly created a spectacular sight.

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Standing on the sidewalk…


I saw this woman as I walked around Greenwich Village in New York City. She was standing all alone against the brick building, just gazing at the street in front of her. I took this photo portrait because I love the linear lines in the scene. The woman and the lamp post stand parallel to each other while the ladder directly above her extends the viewer’s eye upwards to the bars of the fire escape and the windows. The criss-crossing steps create visual variety yet the simple colour scheme and emptiness in the foreground create an overwhelming sense of solitude and silence.

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Spring has sprung…

DSC_1047What a beautiful Spring day! Spring is definitely my favourite season; I love when the flowers bloom and the world suddenly seems a bit more vibrant. This is a branch of a magnolia tree that I have been walking by all Winter and, finally, now as Spring arrives, it is in bloom. I just love it, I think it’s simply wonderful.

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Thoughts in the market…


There is so much at which to look when you visit Portobello Market in Notting Hill, London. The street is packed on a Saturday morning as the stall sellers on the street try to attract your attention and sell their wares. I noticed this woman deep in thought, as I walked through the crowd. She stood for a long time surveying the ribbons, cords, tassels and ropes that hung from this cluttered stall, a still figure amongst the flow of pedestrians. I took the photo from this angle because I liked the way her face was framed between two similar but different materials that complemented the colours which she was wearing.

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Upon the Capitol…


It is a beautiful Spring day today. When the sky offers the brightest Carolina blue colour, as it does today, I love looking at the rooftops of buildings and seeing their stark outlines against a watercolour backdrop. As I did this today, I thought of this photo. The United States Capitol is one of the most magnificent buildings against a brilliant sky; its white facade gleams and it cuts an even more powerful presence than normal. I chose this angle instead of the typical front shot because I really like how proudly the American flag seems to fly and also how the viewer is prompted to imagine what the statue of Freedom sees in the distance.

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