Life in the fast lane…

This is one of the quickest photos I have ever taken. I was in the back of a taxi speeding along this road in Goa, India when I noticed the couple on the motorcycle ahead of me. I quickly rifled through my bag and whipped out my camera, hoping that the hasty shot would be in focus. I wanted to capture this couple because of their relaxed nature on, what I deemed, a dangerous road. There were no marked lanes and cars, trucks and motorcycles mixed haphazardly together. Even amongst this vehicular chaos, the couple seemed casually oblivious. I loved the way the woman sat with her legs to the side – ‘side-saddle style’ – in her fabulously bright garb. I could not believe she held on to the motorcycle with only one loose hand but I guess that’s how you live as a local in the (unmarked) fast lane.

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4 Responses to Life in the fast lane…

  1. Lagos says:

    I know the woman was so laid back it seemed like she was having a foot massage on the other side. She’s not even fully on the seat. If she were to tweet anything she would probably say—“Just chillin’ with my man”

  2. travelingmad says:

    Great shot! This is a really fast photo but very nicely done!
    I spent some time in India myself and was amazed at how everyone carelessly rode around on their bikes and scooters. Before I left I even felt like a pro on my scooter too.

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