Snoozing with the daisies…

I found my dog blissfully lying in the warm sun one day, surrounded by daisies. Their custard and cream colours stood out against the bright green grass and created an idyllic scene. I took this photo from ground level because I thought it would provide an interesting perspective of the daisies against the tall trees in the background. I like the way it also shows the complete relaxation of my dog who did not even open an eye as I dropped down to photograph her. After taking the photo, I lay beside her. I loved that my dog had inspired me to take the time to lie in the fresh grass, stare up at the blue sky and clasp a daisy between my fingers.

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4 Responses to Snoozing with the daisies…

  1. Great shot and I love the perpective you took in this one!
    good for you, taking the time to follow your dogs example and enjoy the beautiful day

  2. Jennifer says:

    Your dog is adorable 🙂

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