Ships and stones…

I found these stones by the side of Lake Champlain, Vermont. They were part of an art display of creative pieces put together with stones, sticks, discarded old items such as bicycle wheels and rusty wire, and other miscellaneous objects. I believe the artist was anonymous which leant a certain mystique and curious pleasure to the unexpected exhibition. This towering stack of stones was one of my favourite displays because of its simplicity and the bright blue waves, with bobbing white ships, behind it.

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2 Responses to Ships and stones…

  1. martindbaker says:

    Interesting shot. I think I’d have personally used spot-metering on the rocks to get them exposed much lighter. I’d also have placed the rocks on the vertical “left” third.

    Also, I’d have gone for the sea’s horizon on the top or bottom third. Not easy, unless you could have got higher or lower.

    Lastly, I’d have gone for f2.8, or stood back from the rocks & zoomed in – to narrow the DoF and blur the background – making the rocks stand right out as the subject.


    • Thanks for the advice, Martin! I’ll definitely keep it in mind if I ever take a shot similar to this one again. Particularly agree with the horizon being in the top or bottom third.

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