A Sea of Snakes…

I took this photo in Goa, India where I stayed for a while. Every morning I would get up early and take a walk down the beach before the blazing sun peaked on the horizon. One morning, I went walking earlier than on the previous days. As I strolled past the fishermen, already back from their early morning trawls, I noticed that there were large snakes lying beached by their colourful boats. It took a moment to realise that the snakes actually came from the sea – the sea in which I had been swimming for the past days – and that they were slowly making their way back down to the lapping water. What worried me (although strangely not enough to stop me from swimming later) was that many of the fishermen were reluctant to touch the snakes. This young man was an exception. He bravely stooped to pick up the slithering snake and carried it down to the Arabian Sea. As he tossed it back in, I couldn’t help but wonder how long it took for the snake to slide back to the depths at which it supposedly lived and whether I would meet it unexpectedly as my toes sank into the sand beneath the waves.

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