Catch the sun…

I took these photos this past week and my hands were freezing and numb when I finally went inside. Despite the bitter wind and ice-cold air, I’ve felt that recently the sun has been trying to remind us that it still exists. It may be just a glowing shadow behind the thick, grey clouds or it might be a glaring ray that glances off frosty glass, but the sun has made some frequent appearances of late. Just don’t make the mistake of falling for its warming trickery – always take a coat and gloves when you leave the house! But the flowers in this park seemed resistant to the biting breeze as they stood in the weak warmth of the sun. Its brilliant light shone through the last of the crinkled leaves on trees, falling on the eager buds and swaying flowers.

Please read TheCuriousCamera copyright notice for full licensing terms and conditions on this image and text.

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