It seems to be the time of year when everyone is a little more stressed and gloomy than usual, the weather decides to be a little more ferocious, those colds and that flu seem to spring up out of nowhere, and both Spring and Summer seem a long way away.

When I look at this photo, I feel calmed.  It is the stillness of the water that seems to embody the tranquility we all need as we approach February, and the stretching horizon and distant mountains that remind us Spring and Summer are coming soon. I love the pure blues in this image – the sky, the boat, the lake, even the mountains. The scene seems natural and untouched, a perfect reminder of the beauty of simplicity and the peace in solitude.

[I took this photo at Lake Champlain in Vermont, USA]

Please read TheCuriousCamera copyright notice for full licensing terms and conditions on this image and text.

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3 Responses to Solitude…

  1. hopefuldays says:

    Beautiful – I used to sit on a floating dock on the river and just watch the water go by…

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