Discarded leaves…

I find that we never tend to notice the details underneath us. We hurry and rush from one place to another, often staring directly ahead of us or directly down at the floor, but do we always see what’s really there? I see the same pavement beneath my feet, day in and day out. I can tell you that its grey, with square and rectangle paving stones, and there’s chewing gum squashed to a flat, pond-like shape on many of the slabs. But sometimes there’s something that catches my eye, such as these leaves. There was something so artistic about the way they had settled after being blown from their lofty home – a breezy discarding – and the yellow brightened the monotonous grey curb. I walked on that day, training my eyes to look for other especial occurrences, and my usual pavement suddenly seemed to turn into a path I had not trod before.
What do you see when you walk?

Please read TheCuriousCamera copyright notice for full licensing terms and conditions on this image and text.

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