Keep a watchful eye…

When I visited Zambia, Africa on an expedition, I ate all my breakfasts outside with my fellow expedition members. One morning, as we all sat in a circle eating, we noticed a praying mantis in one of our food containers. He (we decided to call it a male mantis) was resting peacefully inside, seemingly surveying our early morning routine, and enjoying the rising sunlight. We left him there as we munched away; he became an odd but welcome companion. However when it came to washing up time, perhaps due to his bug green eyes or spiked forearms, none of us were particularly keen to try to gently move him. Luckily he seemed to sense our desire to clean his plastic habitat and gracefully departed onto our manipulated leaf ramp, camouflaging himself amongst the foliage and keeping a watchful eye on our clean-up.

We never did personalise this mantis, so suggestions for names for him are welcome!
Note: The praying mantis is also known by the eggcorn ‘preying mantis’.

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2 Responses to Keep a watchful eye…

  1. Elisa says:

    Love this little guy!

  2. Ethel Blotburg says:

    Your photos just keep getting better and better, And I love the accompanying stories. He’s pretty cute…

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