xīn nián kuài lè …新年快乐

I love when it’s Chinese New Year and Chinatown gets even more colourful and vibrant than normal. Red is very important in Chinese culture because it symbolises, amongst other elements, happiness and good luck. When I visited London’s Chinatown this New Year, I wanted to pay significant attention to the traditional, bright hue. I used the colour select feature to fade the surrounding purples, yellows, greens and oranges, and leave the resplendent red pigment to shine. While the focus is predominantly on the swaying lanterns, I like the faint detection of red on the brick building in the back right of the image, and the red tops of the windows of one of the buildings on the left.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Please read TheCuriousCamera copyright notice for full licensing terms and conditions on this image and text.

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