In contrast to Spring Seeds which I previously shared, this photo was taken in all but a matter of seconds in Zambia, Africa. I was leaning out of the windows of a tall, seemingly pieced-together truck as I drove through a small village just outside of Fiwila. As my eyes scanned the brightly coloured market stalls on the dusty sand and I listened to the amalgam of voices, I poised my camera. This seemed like the perfect place to capture local life and, sure enough, I happened to glance upon these two young boys, out on the market street for the day. They excitedly waved hello to me, the ‘mzungu’ in their midst, and I nearly missed the moment as my initial response was to wave back. But the truck was slowed by the crowds of swarming locals who gaped at its lofty height, and I managed to snap the two of them laughing and waving. Their smiles are truly representative of the warm Zambian people who welcomed me into their country and showed me a vibrant, colourful way of life.

‘Mulishani’: Typical greeting of ‘hello, how are you?’ in Bemba language, mostly spoken in Zambia. See link to Wikipedia: []
‘Mzungu’: African word for ‘foreign person’. [See link to Wikipedia:]
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One Response to Mulishani…

  1. Ethel Blotburg says:

    Spectacular! This photo says so much and i love your writing about wanting to wave. Lovely.

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